gold's emission of _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_

Ian Lance Taylor
Mon Apr 7 23:01:00 GMT 2008

David Miller <> writes:

> I can't tell which one is right, using the .got section index or
> SHN_ABS, perhaps the choice is arbitrary.  Sun's linker seems to
> behave the same as gold.

I believe the choice is arbitrary.  All that really matters is the

> I also noticed that gold does not emit a _PROCEDURE_LINKAGE_TABLE_
> symbol as the BFD linker does.

In BFD, it's an option, controlled by elf_backend_want_plt_sym.  Both
elf32-i386.c and elf64-x86_64.c set it to 0.  So there is no reason
for gold to emit it as yet.

At the moment, in gold, symbols like _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ and
_PROCEDURE_LINKAGE_TABLE_ need to be defined by the file.  With
some more experience I hope that we can consolidate the files
some more.


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