sparc gold support...

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Apr 2 21:22:00 GMT 2008

David Miller <> writes:

> My Sparc32 target is half-way functional so I can test using that,
> thanks!

Thanks for working on this!

> BTW, we should not do this alignment hassle for things like string
> sections where the alignment really doesn't matter even on platforms
> like SPARC.
> I didn't look at your changes directly yet, and I imagine you probably
> took care about such issues already :-)

Right, that is part of the patch.

> 2008-04-02  David S. Miller  <>
> 	* (Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_prolog,
> 	Sized_dwarf_line_info::process_one_opcode): Use Swap_unaligned.

This is OK.  Do you have write access to the src repository?



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