mlocking dynamic variables

Tiago Vignatti
Fri Jul 20 08:19:00 GMT 2007

Daniel Jacobowitz escreveu:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 12:20:10AM -0300, Tiago Vignatti wrote:
>> More specific, I want to put (or allocate) in a separate section some dynamic 
>> variables (which lives on the heap) to so then mlock() this on the physical 
>> memory. Any hint? A linker script does this easily?
>> Could you, linker scripts experts, tell how to do this?
> No, you can not do anything like this using a linker script.  You
> have to do it in the compiler or in your application by playing with
> alternate allocators and alternate stacks.

okay thanks, I obtained the result desired in another way.

One more thing: somebody knows a tool that prints something each time a 
data (or piece of code) is not on the physical memory? I know that the 
Solaris command 'truss' with the '-m fltpage' do this. But I need 
something to Linux (strace doesn't do). Anyone? Please?

Thanks a lot

Tiago Vignatti
C3SL - Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre

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