Relaxation and .debug_loc section

Michael Eager
Sat Jul 14 18:28:00 GMT 2007

Andreas Schwab wrote:
> Michael Eager <> writes:
>> Andreas Schwab wrote:
>>> Michael Eager <> writes:
>>>> When the relaxation pass shrinks the code, these offsets
>>>> point to the wrong locations.  I've looked through other
>>>> targets to see if there is anything which looks like it
>>>> fixes up the .debug_loc section after relaxation, but
>>>> I haven't found anything.
>>> I think if you want to do linker relaxing you have to tell the assembler
>>> not to resolve such relocations.
>> There's no way to do that.
> Of course there is.  There are already several targets doing this.

Enlighten me.  How do you do this?

As I asked, if there is a target which is fixing .debug_loc,
please let me know.

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