[patch 1/2] add sha1 to libiberty

DJ Delorie dj@redhat.com
Mon Jul 9 23:45:00 GMT 2007

> It's for ld (used in my second patch just posted, as I said).

Typically, stuff goes in libiberty when two or more projects need it;
libiberty is intended to be a portability library first, a common
repository second, and a "/dev/misc" not at all.  Is there any chance
that some other project will use this code in the future?

> > It won't build cleanly on 16 bit platforms as-is.  
> Remind me where anything relevant changed in the last 25 years since
> that was declared not a priority for GNU projects.

Er, we've been supporting 16 bit TARGETS for a long time now, and
libiberty is built as a TARGET library as well as a build/host
library.  Please test build it with a 16 bit target and make sure it

Binutils is not the only user of libiberty, and anything that goes
into libiberty has to work for ALL uses of libiberty, not just yours.

Also, libiberty patches go to gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org, in addition to
wherever else you wish to send them.

> Are any of the things you mentioned different in md5.c, already in
> libiberty?

Hence my "let's not make it worse" comment.

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