[patch 1/2] add sha1 to libiberty

DJ Delorie dj@redhat.com
Mon Jul 9 23:25:00 GMT 2007

> Is there any particular policy about copying from gnulib or plan for
> staying in synch?

You need permission from both sides, I think.  I'm OK with copying,
but don't expect me to keep it in sync for you.  We talked about that
in the distant past, but nobody could agree on who would be "in
charge" so we dropped the idea.

Why are we adding sha1 anyway?  How many projects are going to use it?

> Ok to commit?

It won't build cleanly on 16 bit platforms as-is.  You have long
constants there without the LU suffixes, not that that hasn't stopped
other modules (hashtab) from doing the same thing, but it would be
nice to not make things worse.

It certainly won't *work* on small chips, because they won't have
enough memory, but it should at least compile cleanly.  The m32c is a
good chip to try it on; I had a hard time getting regex.c to build on
it, but any 16 bit chip would do for testing compilability.

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