Changing top level files and include/ files over to GPLv3

Joel Brobecker
Mon Jul 9 18:43:00 GMT 2007

> Sorry - the conversion was not made over the weekend.  Mark Mitchell has 
> asked that the change over be held off until the discussion over what 
> happens to new patches (to GPLv3 sources) that want to be backported to 
> old branches (under GPLv2).
> If you can afford to wait then it would probably be a good thing.  (On 
> the assumption that releasing under the GPLv3 is better than releasing 
> under GPLv2.  At least for FSF projects anyway).

I think we can wait; I can't see anything that would require us to
release no matter what. Given the timeframe I heard that RMS gave
us to transition to GPLv3, I also think it's more important that
we wait.

This will actually give me some time to work on some details
that I originally decided to postpone for the next release.


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