Changing top level files and include/ files over to GPLv3

Mark Kettenis
Fri Jul 6 18:34:00 GMT 2007

> From: Nick Clifton <>
> Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 19:06:24 +0100
> Hi Guys,
>   I would like to apply a patch to change the files that are shared by
>   the GCC, GDB and BINUTILS projects over to version 3 of the GNU
>   General Public License.  (ie all the top level files except for
>   those that have a distinct project that owns them, plus all of the
>   files in the include/ directory tree).
>   Are there any objections to me doing this, or any reasons for
>   holding off for a while ?  In particular I was planning to change
>   the text inside the toplevel COPYING file to that of the GPLv3, so
>   that would mean that any file currently released under GPLv2 and
>   saying "see the file COPYING" would now be out of sync.

GDB hasn't switched yet, but we have our own COPYING file in gdb/, so
I suppose there's no real problem with this.

Joel, are you planning to convert to GPLv3 before cutting the 6.7

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