PATCH: Add default include path to support rc resource file imports.

Nick Clifton
Thu Jul 5 09:54:00 GMT 2007

Hi Kai,

> ChangeLog for binutils/:
> 2007-07-01  Kai Tietz  <>
>         * resrc.c: (read_rc_file): Add include path of
>         user passed rc input file.
>         * windres.c: (windres_add_include_dir): New.
>         (main): Use of windres_add_include_dir.
>         * windres.h: (windres_add_include_dir): Add
>         prototype.

I have applied this patch.

There were two minor problems:

   +  if(strchr (filename; '/')!=NULL || strchr (filename, '\\') != NULL)

That should be a comma between filename and '/'.

   +  n->dir = p;

p is a "const char *" but n->dir is a "char *".  I added a cast to 
remove the const qualifier and so stop a compiler warning.


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