PATCH: Change opcodes and cpu files over to GPLv3

Nick Clifton
Thu Jul 5 09:51:00 GMT 2007

Hi Guys,

  I have checked in a patch to switch the files in the opcodes and cpu
  directories over to version 3 of the GPL.  This also involved a
  change to the cgen/utils.scm file in order for the cgen generated
  files to contain the correct copyright notice.

  I will be pushing internally at Red Hat to get the files in the cgen
  directory changed over to GPLv3.


2007-07-04  Nick Clifton  <>

	* alpha-dis.c: Update copyright notice to refer to GPLv3.
	* alpha-opc.c, arc-dis.c, arc-dis.h, arc-ext.c, arc-ext.h,
	arc-opc.c, arm-dis.c, avr-dis.c, bfin-dis.c, cgen-asm.c,, cgen-bitset.c, cgen-dis.c,,,
	cgen-opc.c, cgen-ops.h,, cgen-types.h, cr16-dis.c,
	cr16-opc.c, cris-dis.c, cris-opc.c, crx-dis.c, crx-opc.c,
	d10v-dis.c, d10v-opc.c, d30v-dis.c, d30v-opc.c, disassemble.c,
	dis-buf.c, dis-init.c, dlx-dis.c, h8300-dis.c, h8500-dis.c,
	h8500-opc.h, hppa-dis.c, i370-dis.c, i370-opc.c, i386-dis.c,
	i386-gen.c, i386-opc.c, i386-opc.h, i860-dis.c, i960-dis.c,
	ia64-asmtab.h, ia64-dis.c, ia64-gen.c, ia64-opc-a.c, ia64-opc-b.c,
	ia64-opc.c, ia64-opc-d.c, ia64-opc-f.c, ia64-opc.h, ia64-opc-i.c,
	ia64-opc-m.c, ia64-opc-x.c, m10200-dis.c, m10200-opc.c,
	m10300-dis.c, m10300-opc.c, m68hc11-dis.c, m68hc11-opc.c,
	m68k-dis.c, m68k-opc.c, m88k-dis.c, maxq-dis.c, mcore-dis.c,
	mcore-opc.h, mips16-opc.c, mips-dis.c, mips-opc.c, mmix-dis.c,
	mmix-opc.c, msp430-dis.c, ns32k-dis.c, opintl.h, or32-dis.c,
	or32-opc.c, pdp11-dis.c, pdp11-opc.c, pj-dis.c, pj-opc.c,
	ppc-dis.c, ppc-opc.c, s390-dis.c, s390-mkopc.c, s390-opc.c,
	score-dis.c, score-opc.h, sh64-dis.c, sh64-opc.c, sh64-opc.h,
	sh-dis.c, sh-opc.h, sparc-dis.c, sparc-opc.c, spu-dis.c,
	spu-opc.c, sysdep.h, tic30-dis.c, tic4x-dis.c, tic54x-dis.c,
	tic54x-opc.c, tic80-dis.c, tic80-opc.c, v850-dis.c, v850-opc.c,
	vax-dis.c, w65-dis.c, w65-opc.h, xtensa-dis.c, z80-dis.c,
	z8k-dis.c, z8kgen.c: Likewise.
	* i386-opc.tbl, i386-reg.tbl: Add copyright notice.
	* aclocal.m4, configure, fr30-asm.c, fr30-desc.c, fr30-desc.h,
	fr30-dis.c, fr30-ibld.c, fr30-opc.c, fr30-opc.h, frv-asm.c,
	frv-desc.c, frv-desc.h, frv-dis.c, frv-ibld.c, frv-opc.c,
	frv-opc.h, i386-tbl.h, ia64-asmtab.c, ip2k-asm.c, ip2k-desc.c,
	ip2k-desc.h, ip2k-dis.c, ip2k-ibld.c, ip2k-opc.c, ip2k-opc.h,
	iq2000-asm.c, iq2000-desc.c, iq2000-desc.h, iq2000-dis.c,
	iq2000-ibld.c, iq2000-opc.c, iq2000-opc.h, m32c-asm.c,
	m32c-desc.c, m32c-desc.h, m32c-dis.c, m32c-ibld.c, m32c-opc.c,
	m32c-opc.h, m32r-asm.c, m32r-desc.c, m32r-desc.h, m32r-dis.c,
	m32r-ibld.c, m32r-opc.c, m32r-opc.h, m32r-opinst.c, mep-asm.c,
	mep-desc.c, mep-desc.h, mep-dis.c, mep-ibld.c, mep-opc.c,
	mep-opc.h, mt-asm.c, mt-desc.c, mt-desc.h, mt-dis.c, mt-ibld.c,
	mt-opc.c, mt-opc.h, openrisc-asm.c, openrisc-desc.c,
	openrisc-desc.h, openrisc-dis.c, openrisc-ibld.c, openrisc-opc.c,
	openrisc-opc.h, xc16x-asm.c, xc16x-desc.c, xc16x-desc.h,
	xc16x-dis.c, xc16x-ibld.c, xc16x-opc.c, xc16x-opc.h,
	xstormy16-asm.c, xstormy16-desc.c, xstormy16-desc.h,
	xstormy16-dis.c, xstormy16-ibld.c, xstormy16-opc.c,
	xstormy16-opc.h, z8k-opc.h: Regenerated

2007-07-04  Nick Clifton  <>

	* cris.cpu: Update copyright notice to refer to GPLv3.
	* frv.cpu, frv.opc, iq10.cpu, iq2000m.cpu, iq2000.opc, m32c.cpu,
	m32c.opc, m32r.cpu, m32r.opc, mt.cpu, mt.opc, sh64-compact.cpu,
	sh64-media.cpu, sh.cpu, sh.opc,, xc16x.cpu,
	xc16x.opc: Likewise.
	* iq2000.cpu: Fix copyright notice to refer to FSF.

2007-07-05  Nick Clifton  <>

	* utils.scm (copyright-fsf): Update copyright notice to refer to
	the GPL version 3.

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