noload sections

Paul Koning
Tue Dec 11 21:36:00 GMT 2007

>>>>> "raptorbrino" == raptorbrino  <> writes:

 raptorbrino> Hi All, In looking at binutils-2.18, a NOLOAD section
 raptorbrino> (i.e. .bss) is allowed to reside in a LOAD segment.  Is
 raptorbrino> this okay?  If it is okay, the NOLOAD section shouldn't
 raptorbrino> add to the segment p_memsz, but it does.  Is this a bug,
 raptorbrino> or is my thinking way off?

It adds to p_memsz because it's an ALLOC section (it takes memory).
But it doesn't add to the file size (it's a NOLOAD section).


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