Dynamic linking to specific .so versions

Lluís Batlle viriketo@gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 17:50:00 GMT 2006

I understand the purpose. But why not ".so.X.Y"? Is it hardcoded this
way, based on the: "equal major version means API compatibility" ?

2006/10/31, Brian Dessent <brian@dessent.net>:
> Lluís Batlle wrote:
> > I've noticed that "ld" doesn't link the final ELF to the ".so"
> > library, but to the ".so.X", where X is a number. At least in my Linux
> > ELF system.
> If it just recorded the name as .so it would render shared library
> versioning completely useless.  You'd have to recompile every single
> package in the distro that links to a given library whenever it made an
> ABI change.  The whole point is that the binary links to a given ABI
> version of a library, so that you can have multiple incompatible
> versions present.
> Brian

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