[PATCH]: Simple ld/pe-dll.c cleanups.

Pedro Alves pedro_alves@portugalmail.pt
Tue Oct 31 04:33:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,

This patch cleans up ld/pe-dll.c a bit. Is this ok?
Regression tested on arm-wince-pe.
Please review and commit.

Pedro Alves

2006-10-29  Pedro Alves  <pedro_alves@portugalmail.pt>

    * pe-dll.c (autofilter_entry_type): Change name to const.
    (pe_details_type) : Change target_name, object_target and 
autofilter_symbollist to const.
    (autofilter_symbollist_generic): Change to const.
    (autofilter_symbollist_i386, pe_detail_list, pe_details, 
autofilter_liblist, autofilter_objlist
    autofilter_symbolprefixlist, autofilter_symbolsuffixlist): Likewise.
    (is_import): Fix indentation.
    (auto_export): Change afptr to const. Move name declaration to 
beginning of scope.
    (make_tail): Clear undefined byte.
    (jmp_ix86_bytes, jmp_sh_bytes, jmp_mips_bytes, jmp_arm_bytes): 
Change to const.
    (make_one): Change jmp_bytes to const. Make idata$6 member size 
arithmetic explicit and add comment.

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