handling of empty LD_RUN_PATH ?

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Mon Oct 23 00:07:00 GMT 2006

does it make sense at all to update ld/emultempl/elf32.em to verify that 
LD_RUN_PATH is a non-empty string ?  cant seem to find any documentation on 
the subject other than "... the contents of the environment variable 
LD_RUN_PATH will be used if it is defined."

Debian has a patch to ignore LD_RUN_PATH when it is "":
          lib_path = (const char *) getenv ("LD_RUN_PATH");
+         if ((lib_path) && (strlen (lib_path) == 0))
+       lib_path = NULL;
          if (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_search_needed (lib_path, &n,
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