[PATCH] Add the new Cell instructions to the PPC as

Andrew_Pinski@PlayStation.Sony.Com Andrew_Pinski@PlayStation.Sony.Com
Sat Oct 21 18:46:00 GMT 2006

  This patch adds the 10 new instructions that are currently Cell 

OK? Built and tested on powerpc-sony-linux-gnu with no failures.
Note this requires the previous patch to work correctly.

Andrew Pinski

PS hopefully the diff gets added as a text file this time.

2006-10-20  Andrew Pinski  <andrew_pinski@playstation.sony.com>

        * ppc-opc.c (powerpc_opcodes): Add ldbrx and stdbrx,
        cell specific instructions.  Add {st,l}x{r,l}{,l} cell
        specific VMX instructions.

2006-10-2  Andrew Pinski  <andrew_pinski@playstation.sony.com>

        * gas/ppc/cell.s: New file.
        * gas/ppc/cell.d: New file.
        * gas/ppc/ppc.exp: Test cell.s.

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