assembling output of objdump dissassembly
Thu Oct 12 10:05:00 GMT 2006

I'm using objdump under both NetBSD 3.0 for Sun3  (elf format executables), 
and SunOS 4.1.1 for Sun3 (a.out format  executables).

I can disassemble statically linked executables with  objdump, and the output 
makes for quite interesting reading, but I would like to  be able to modify 
then assemble the output, creating a new executable.

It  appears that the objdump output is quite similar to, but deliberately 
different  from, the assembly created from compiling a c program with "gcc -S".

Is  there a mechanism to convert the objdump disassembly output to an 
assemblable  form?  Or is that a deliberate objdump decision to have the output  
different, as my desire is inherently unworkable, as modifying the disassembly  
would change all the branch offsets and cause everything to  break?


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