the way ld evaluates and chooses libraries

Jeremy Monnet
Fri Oct 6 12:58:00 GMT 2006


Hope I'm coming to the right place to ask my question.

I needed for work to compile a c++ program on a linux box. This
program did link on some machines, and did not on others. After many
research we found that it was a bug in the last oracle patch of . The problem was on the system with last update, this
lib was looking for instead of version 6. But all the
other part of the program were by way also trying to link to version 5
instead of 6.

So I was wondering how did ld was selecting its libraries ? I believe
there is a kind of optimisation : after looking to all the
dependencies, ld tries to shorten the list of libraries to link
against. Am I right ?
Any pointer on documentation, etc would be appreciated.


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