Old binutils bug? R_386_NONE

Ivan Novick ivan@0x4849.net
Fri Oct 6 03:53:00 GMT 2006


I am running an inhouse application which exits at startup with the error:

"unexpected PLT reloc type 0x00".  The error occurs on a linux redhat 7.2 ia32
install but not on a more recent version of redhat linux.

I did some research on the binutils list which prompted me to run

readelf -r on the bad binary and in the output there is one line in the
Relocation section '.rel.plt' section that looks like this:

00000000  00000 R_386_NONE

I am guessing that this line is evidence of the issue.

Can someone please tell me if there was at some point in history an issue where
apps were getting an error message of unexpected PLT reloc type and if possibly
the cause was due to "NONE" items being generated?

Thank you very much for any insight at all you could give on this issue.

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