gas patch: Check TC_EOL_IN_INSN in input-scrub.c

Bernd Schmidt
Thu Oct 5 14:33:00 GMT 2006

The Blackfin port tries to use TC_EOL_IN_INSN to check for multi-line 
parallel instructions that have one of the following forms:

	R0 = R0 +|- R1 ||
	R1.L = [I0] ||

	R0 = R0 +|- R1
	|| R1.L = [I0]
	|| NOP;

Sometimes this fails because we're not looking at a large enough buffer, 
and parts of the insn get cut off.  We've fixed this in our local 
sources with the following patch - is this ok for mainline?  Any 
suggestions for a better approach?

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