Stepping down as SH maintainer

Joern Rennecke
Tue Oct 3 11:34:00 GMT 2006

I have decided to accept employment at ARC International, so effective
11th December 2006, I will step down as an active SH maitainer.  I might
still do some GCC patch reviews if time allows, but I expect to submit
only patches to the SH port - if any - as part of multi-platform patches
with the intention to improve ARC support.

Depending on the progress of the Copyright Assignment paperwork till
the 11th December, I will adjust my MAINTAINERS files entrys to
Write After Approval or waiting for paperwork.
I hope my new position will allow me to make a more constructive
contribution to GCC than I did in the last year.

In my remaining time at ST, I will try to tie up some loose ends in the
SH port and the infrastructure it relies on, or where these ends are
too frayed to be tied up in the remaining time with the available
resources, at least point out where they are, and any ideas I have
how to fix them.

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