Windres problem with Boling book example

Nick Clifton
Tue Nov 28 09:37:00 GMT 2006

Hi Danny,

> - fix the small bug


> - extend the lex pattern so more characters stop a keyword

I think that this may cause a problem.  You are now allowing the 
characters (); as keyword terminators, but you have not added a lex 
pattern to match them in a string.  Thus for example if the programmer 
is trying to compile this string


the patched windres would barf on the parentheses.

There are a couple of other minor problems with the patch which it would 
be nice to clean up:

   * You have the comma character listed twice in the new lex pattern.

   * The code does not follow the GNU coding standard.
     The body of the pattern ought to look something like this.
     (I have included a couple of code tidy ups as well):

     s = get_string (strlen (yytext) + 1);
     for (i = 0; keywords[i].word != NULL; i++)
       if (strcasecmp (keywords[i].word, yytext) == 0)
     if (keywords[i].word == NULL)
       yylval.s = strcpy (s, yytext);
     MAYBE_RETURN (keywords[i].token);


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