New keywords (string32) for GNU as ?

Helge Deller
Fri Nov 24 20:34:00 GMT 2006

Hi Nick,

Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Dave, Hi Helger,
>>   BTW, we still need to hear from an official maintainer; I've only got
>> write-after-approval access myself.  But I can certainly recommend this
>> patch as well designed and thoroughly implemented.
> Thank you Helger for writing this patch and thank you Dave for reviewing
> it.
> Helger - I will be happy to accept and apply your patch once the FSF
> copyright assignment issue is resolved.   


> I notice that you hosted the 
> patch on an HP site - does this mean that you work for HP ?  

But due to my involvement with the parisc-linux kernel development I'm
grateful, that some person at HP allows me to use this server.

> If so they 
> may have an interest in the copyright of this patch (even if you
> developed it for yourself), so you ought to check with them first.

Sure. I'll check with the company I work at.

> Otherwise please fill out the attached form and send it off to the FSF
> so that we can get the copyright assignment in place.


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