New keywords (string32) for GNU as ?

Nick Clifton
Fri Nov 24 14:26:00 GMT 2006

Hi Dave, Hi Helger,

>   BTW, we still need to hear from an official maintainer; I've only got
> write-after-approval access myself.  But I can certainly recommend this patch
> as well designed and thoroughly implemented.

Thank you Helger for writing this patch and thank you Dave for reviewing it.

Helger - I will be happy to accept and apply your patch once the FSF 
copyright assignment issue is resolved.   I notice that you hosted the 
patch on an HP site - does this mean that you work for HP ?  If so they 
may have an interest in the copyright of this patch (even if you 
developed it for yourself), so you ought to check with them first. 
Otherwise please fill out the attached form and send it off to the FSF 
so that we can get the copyright assignment in place.


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