Problem with the strings

Nick Clifton
Fri Nov 24 13:59:00 GMT 2006

Hi Kanishk,

> when we compile our c programs the strings which we use get defined in
> read only memory.
> how can i ask the gcc compiler to declare them in read-write section
> where other data stays.

You do not say which compiler you are using, nor which version of the 
compiler.  It is very helpful to include such information when you ask 
questions like this.

This is a question about the compiler, so you should send it to the gcc 
mailing list ( and not this list.  This list is about 
the assembler and linker.

> or in other words
> how can i ask the compiler to perform the same operation as performed
> by it when we use --fno-const-strings while compiling c++ prog

If that switch works for your C++ programs it should also work for your 
C programs.


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