Windres problem with Boling book example

Danny Backx
Thu Nov 23 19:16:00 GMT 2006


One of the examples in the Boling book has lines in the resource file
that look like this :

aboutbox DIALOG discardable 10, 10, 132, 40

[The "Boling book" is Programming Microsoft Windows CE .net, third
edition, by Douglas Boling.]

The problem is that binutils's windres appears to expect all the
keywords such as DISCARABLE to be in upper case.

A trivial fix for src/binutils/binutils/rclex.l is below. Obviously this
fixes only that keyword, I'd expect all of them need to be treated in
the same way.

This looks pretty lame, there must be a reason why this isn't
implemented like this to begin with. Does anyone see a reason ?



dannypc: {75} svn diff rclex.l
Index: rclex.l
--- rclex.l     (revision 819)
+++ rclex.l     (working copy)
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@
 "IMPURE"               { MAYBE_RETURN (IMPURE); }
 "PRELOAD"              { MAYBE_RETURN (PRELOAD); }
+[dD][iI][sS][cC][aA][rR][dD][aA][bB][lL][eE]   { MAYBE_RETURN
 "NOT"                  { MAYBE_RETURN (NOT); }
 "BLOCK"[ \t\n]*"\""[^\#\n]*"\"" {

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