Status of Solaris filter symbols support in GNU ld?

Martin Man Martin.Man@Sun.COM
Wed Nov 22 16:53:00 GMT 2006

Hi Eric,

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> I have recently hit a bug where Solaris filter symbols are handled
>> improperly by GNU ld and linked into resulting executable or shared
>> library as symbols with absolute address 0x0, instead of linking them as
>> dynamic symbols to be resolved by runtime linker.
> That's probably related to
> and

thanx for the links, they seem to be very suspicious, and indeed related 
to the problem.

>> Can anyone comment on the status of implementation of this feature in
>> GNU ld, and also in GNU nm, which seems to be also unaware of the fact
>> that something like filter symbols exist.
> My understanding is that there is currently no specific support for them in 
> GNU binutils, but I'm no maintainer.

ok, will go to the source code as time will permit...

>> I'm offering my hand to fix the issue if someone will help me to get me
>> started.
> We would also be interested in improving the support of Solaris 10 in GNU 
> binutils, both for x86 and SPARC.
> Could you cook up a small testcase that exhibits the bug?

This is where I'm stuck right now, I have several packages that do 
exhibit the problem, but it is never a simple gcc one-liner, moreover it 
does exhibit itself with various options on the ld commandline, and not 
with others, so I'm just in the process of inventing a reliably failing 
test case, but no luck so far, will keep you informed...



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