Did the bfd's binary format contain any load address information?

Fu, He Wei PSE NKG hewei.fu@siemens.com
Wed Nov 22 00:55:00 GMT 2006

Hello,I think I find the right place to ask my stupid question:
 If I have a executable file: 
 then I use objcopy to produce a binary file:
 objcopy --output-target=binary X.elf  X.bin
 The question is in X.bin, whether does it contain some LMA information?

 This question comes from embedded system development, in which we
always use 'burner'(such as BDM) to burn the '.BIN' file into board, we
always first produce a elf file using a cross-compiler, then we use the
cross-objcopy to produce its '.bin' or '.srec' file.But the linker
script which we used to produce the image's elf file always indicate the
section's LMA (such as using 'AT' ...), as I know, in 'srec' file it
reserves the load address information of orignal elf file, but whether
does the '.bin' file reserve the load address info yet?   

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