linker operation sequence issue

Jan Beulich
Tue Nov 21 09:08:00 GMT 2006

>It sounds to me like you are trying to size .eh_frame_hdr too late,
>ie. after strip_excluded_output_sections has run.  That's a bad idea.
>You can prevent the output section being stripped, by setting
>SEC_LINKER_CREATED on one of its input sections, but that will mean
>all executables have an .eh_frame_hdr section.

That certainly I don't want.

>You say that you want to "make .eh_frame_hdr generation independent of
>the use of dynamic linking".  OK, but why doesn't the current sizing
>scheme work for you with just a small change in
>bfd_elf_size_dynamic_sections?  ie. Move the call to
>_bfd_elf_maybe_strip_eh_frame_hdr up a few lines before the dynobj

As you've probably seen in the patch, that is part of what I'm doing,
but not enough.


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