very odd linker error GCC ld 3.4.6

Thu Nov 16 18:09:00 GMT 2006


Code that has been compiling and linking fine for a while now has suddenly
been complaining like this:
g++ -L../lib/solaris_gcc_nonopt -L../ALroot/solaris_gcc_nonopt/lib
-L/apps/IRDtools/pkgs/pd/sqlite/prod/lib  -o solaris_gcc_nonopt/2logins
solaris_gcc_nonopt/2logins.o    -lanalytic -lapi_event -lapi_GRE -lapi_index
-lapi_ins_tran -lapi_org -lapi_security -lapi_sim -lbasicop -lbermuda2
-lblackscholes -lbondcalc -lcal -lcmt_model -lcredit_correlation
-lcredit_engine -lctd -lcurve_api -lcusip_util -ldateseq -ldeval
-lEOS_models -lfmt -lgdscrypt -lgdsproxy -lgdxaux -lgenmem -lglaux
-lgui_calls -lhandy -lidxzip -linseng -linsmem -lins_utils -lidxaux
-llimflex2 -llogging -lmasteraux -lmodel -lmodfra -lmod_whaley -lmonte_carlo
-lmortgage_models -lmpfolio -lnth_to_default -lpassword -lperaux -lprcaux
-lprice_api -lprocess -los_common -lquery -lrdwrt -lrevalaux -lric -lrv7
-lscaux -lsdb -lsqlite_interface -lshm -lstdfileio -lstr -lswaux -lsybaux
-lsyslogd_interface -ltdb -ltdwaux -lTNFCurve -ltrade_api -ltrade_check
-ltrade_defaults -luseridx -lvolaux -lvolengine -lvorst -lhawkrbt
-ltrade_model -loralib -lm -lpthread -lelf -lnls -lsocket
-lboost_date_time-gcc -lboost_regex-gcc -lboost_program_options-gcc-mt
-lsybdb -ltriarch_api -lfeedaux -lansi -lTriarchSSL -ltibrv -ltibrvcm -lbz2
-ltriarch_api -lfeedaux -lansi -lTriarchSSL -lsqlite3   
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
gmake: *** [solaris_gcc_nonopt/2logins] Error 1

What is very odd about this is that this symbol is in the so and we haven't
changed that in quite a while:

[lon3332xus]-> nm ../lib/solaris_gcc_nonopt/ | grep
         U _Z37ramore_internals_independent_validatei

[lon3332xus]-> c++filt _Z37ramore_internals_independent_validatei


This is happening both on Solaris 8 and Linux.

Does anyone know what could cause this?


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