fix m68k trap instruction disassembly

Nathan Sidwell
Wed Nov 15 17:36:00 GMT 2006

This patch does two things

*) adds a 'tpf' alias for trapf.  coldfire's ISA specifies 'tpf' instead of the 
m68k's 'trapf' instruction.  The patch still allows 'trapf' to be specified in 
assembler source, so we won't break any old source code.

*) In doing that I discovered the trap disassembly was broken.  The set 
conditional instructions share the opcode of the trap instructions, but the 
latter have a more specific opcode mask.  As we scan this table in forward 
order, we met the setcc instructions first.  (Really the disassembly should be 
done by generating a trie dynamically, and then we wouldn't care about the table 


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