i686-pc-mingw32-nm --size-sort --print-size

Adam Megacz adam@megacz.com
Mon Nov 13 21:15:00 GMT 2006

Hello there.

I've noticed that "nm --size-sort --print-size" works quite nicely
with binaries on linux and other operating systems, but the mingw
version appears to report random numbers.

For example, here's what I get when invoking the following command,
where a.exe is one of the normal side effects of compiling

  i686-pc-mingw32-nm --size-sort --print-size i686-pc-mingw32/libstdc++-v3/a.exe

  10001300 effff010 T ___dllonexit
  10001330 effff010 T __errno
  10001310 effff010 T _fflush
  10003000 efffd010 b _first_atexit
  10001320 effff010 T _free
  10003020 efffd010 b _initialized
  10001340 effff010 T _malloc
  10003010 efffd010 b _next_atexit

I would normally assume that the numbers on the left hand side are the
symbol sizes, but 0x10001330 just doesn't seem right for errno ;)

Any hints on this?

  - a

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