Help needed - defining the output section order

Simon Kissel
Mon Aug 22 14:17:00 GMT 2005

Hi Nick,

>> What I now tried was to simply take the internal linker script
>> displayed using --verbose and put it at the end (also tried at the
>> beginning) of my linker script.

NC> Are you using the -T linker command line switch so that your new script
NC> *overrides* the old linker script or are you just putting the name of
NC> the file containing the script on the linker command line ?  In the
NC> latter case the linker will treat it as an *additional* linker script to
NC> be used in addition to the builtin script which will cause all kinds of
NC> problems.

Oops. That was indeed the problem. With -T it now eats it's script
just fine.

Sadly if I add my
  fpc.ressym    : { *(fpc.ressym) }
  fpc.resstr    : { *(fpc.resstr) }
  fpc.reshash   : { *(fpc.reshash) }
  fpc.resdata   : { *(fpc.resdata) }
  fpc.resspare  : { *(fpc.resspare) }
block to it, I'm back at "Not enough room for program headers
(allocated 5, need 6)". Darn ;)


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