[PATCH] Fix some FAILs in MIPS ld testsuite.

David Daney ddaney@avtrex.com
Thu Aug 18 01:02:00 GMT 2005

Some recent changes to ld including, but not necessarily limited to:


Have caused some testsuite failures for the MIPS target.  For the five 
tests covered by the attached patch the problem is in the testsuite.

There are other FAILures that I think are likley to be erroneously 
caused by problems in the testsuite (mostly TLS related), but I am not 
sure about those so I didn't fix them.

The attached patch fixes five FAILs.

2005-08-17  David Daney  <ddaney@avtrex.com>

	* ld-mips-elf/multi-got-1.d: Adjust for new ld behavior.
	* ld-mips-elf/multi-got-no-shared.d: Ditto.
	* ld-mips-elf/rel32-n32.d: Ditto.
	* ld-mips-elf/rel32-o32.d: Ditto.
	* ld-mips-elf/rel64.d: Ditto.

OK to commit?

David Daney
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