compiling BFD library for arm-linux-uclibc

Carlos de
Fri Aug 12 06:56:00 GMT 2005

I've been trying to compile the BFD library for an
arm-linux-uclibc toolchain using binutils-2.15,
gcc-3.3.5, uclibc-0.9.27. I am using uclibc's
buildroot system for this which applies a patch
100-uclibc-conf.patch for configuring binutils for
Aside of the actual toolchain generation which does
not result in the required bfd header (include/bfd.h)
and library ( lib/libbfd.a) , I have tried compiling
binutils only with --enable-install-libbfd. However
this gives me an i686-pc-linux-gnu/arm-linux-uclibc
directory with include/bfd.h,etc which, i would think,
is not what i want.

However on trying to compile the bfd part of binutils
(after applying the above-mentioned patch),using a
cross-compiling arm-linux-gcc with glibc (2.3.2) using
host and target = arm-linux-uclibc i get the required
bfd files but (sadly) as these apparently compiled
against the glibc library , using this with my
arm-linux-uclibc toolchain fails at the linking stage.

guess it sounds like a real mess above... :-)
Anyway basically what i require is the bfd library
compiled for an arm-linux-uclibc toolchain . any help
on how to achieve this would be much appreciated. Have
tried various options like enable-libbfd , configuring
the bfd package with enable-targets=all and various
such insanity but without sucess.


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