John Pierce
Thu Aug 11 01:07:00 GMT 2005

Is there a reason I should not?
Could they affect the build of other sources that are lib lib64 sensitive?
If I limit my system to just x86_64 and edit those scripts to look in
directories that do in fact exist, could that maby speed up my system
What about the other scripts not for my system? Do I need them?

Just trying to understand everything I can about linux. I am not a
programmer/hacker/maintainer/whatever so this is the road I'm taking
to learn it.

On 8/10/05, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 07:30:43PM -0500, John Pierce wrote:
> > Could someone help me to understand what ldscripts are exactly, how
> Inputs for GNU ld.
> > they relate to ldconfig (, and any other pertinent
> Not at all.
> > information. I have built an x86_64 single lib system and in my
> > ldscripts dir there are 386 scripts. I want to remove those scripts
> > leaving the x86_64 scripts.
> You've left out the most important thing: why?
> --
> Daniel Jacobowitz
> CodeSourcery, LLC

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