John Pierce
Thu Aug 11 00:30:00 GMT 2005

Could someone help me to understand what ldscripts are exactly, how
they relate to ldconfig (, and any other pertinent
information. I have built an x86_64 single lib system and in my
ldscripts dir there are 386 scripts. I want to remove those scripts
leaving the x86_64 scripts.

This is the first part of this particular script.

OUTPUT_FORMAT("elf64-x86-64", "elf64-x86-64",
SEARCH_DIR("/usr/local/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/lib64");
SEARCH_DIR("/usr/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/lib");
SEARCH_DIR("/usr/local/lib"); SEARCH_DIR("/lib");

Why does the OUTPUT_FORMAT have three of "elf64-x86-64"?
Can I remove i386 from the OUTPUT_ARCH?
When I built my 64bit libs I put them in the lib usr/lib directories,
can I remove these paths from the SEARCH_DIR's?

Why are there so many different scripts for each arch?

elf_i386.x elf_i386.xbn elf_i386.xc elf_i386.xd elf_i386.xdc
elf_i386.xdw elf_i386.xn elf_i386.xr elf_i386.xs elf_i386.xsc
elf_i386.xsw elf_i386.xu elf_i386.xw

elf_x86_64.x elf_x86_64.xc elf_x86_64.xdc elf_x86_64.xn elf_x86_64.xs
elf_x86_64.xsw elf_x86_64.xw elf_x86_64.xbn elf_x86_64.xd
elf_x86_64.xdw elf_x86_64.xr elf_x86_64.xsc elf_x86_64.xu

And are these a.out?
i386linux.x  i386linux.xbn  i386linux.xn  i386linux.xr  i386linux.xu

I tried google but there is not a lot of information out there.

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