PATCH: readelf: Print sh_flags in hex

Nick Clifton
Tue Aug 9 16:05:00 GMT 2005

Hi H. J.

> Since the current readelf doesn't provide complete information on
> sh_flags, should I just change the default one to
>     [Nr] Name    Type            Addr     Off    Size   ES Lk Inf Al
>          Flags
>     [ 0] .text   PROGBITS        00001010 001010 000011 00  0   0  4
>  	[0x10000006]: ALLOC, EXEC, PROC (0x1000000)

No - people may have scripts that parse the current output and these 
will not expect the new lines.  I prefer your idea of having a new 
switch to enable a more complete list of the section's flags.

In fact it occurs to me that there is possibly a need for this new 
switch to enable a more generally verbose section header description, 
covering things like the sh_info field, the sh_link field and so on. 
More description names for the columns being displayed would also help.

The new switch might also be combined with the --full-section-name 
and/or the --wide switches in order to reduce the number of switches 
affecting the section header output, thus making readelf simpler to use.

What do you think of these ideas ?


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