[PATCH] Fix benign ld testsuite failures on arm-elf

Richard Earnshaw rearnsha@gcc.gnu.org
Mon Aug 8 15:53:00 GMT 2005

Recent changes to the linker have caused some of the ARM linker tests to
start reporting failures.  Specifically, the change to the way symbols
in deleted sections are now put in the absolute section means that
_stack is now placed in the ABS section.  This caused a number of minor
differences in the dump logs which of course then result in failures.

I've fixed _stack to now be expected in the ABS section.  This seems to
be the 'right thing'.  The other changes were simply to offsets in the
files for dumps of a shared library.  These addresses have changed
because the hash tables have changed as a consequence of this.  It seems
that these tests shouldn't really be relying on the dumped code
appearing at some specific address, so I've changed the tests to be more

Tested on arm-elf and installed.


2005-08-08  Richard Earnshaw  <richard.earnshaw@arm.com>

	* ld-arm/mixed-app.sym: Expact _stack to be in the ABS section.
	* ld-arm/mixed-lib.sym: Likewise.
	* tls-lib.d: Use a regexp for the address locations.
	* tls-lib.r: Likewise.

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