Patch to bfd/aix5ppc-core.c for gdb-6.3 with gcc 4 on AIX5.1

Nick Clifton
Mon Aug 8 12:28:00 GMT 2005

Hi Rodney,

> Are you using a gcc 4.1 development compiler?

Yes - but I am not compiling under AIX.  I do not have access to an 
AIX5.1 system, so when I built a cross compiler the build system must 
have left out the core file support.  Silly me.

> I assumed that using the accessor macro was the preferred mechanism.

It is, but when the macro is tied to a single particular function it 
really ought to be defined inside the function.  That way if the code is 
ever rearranged it will not be lost.

So - what do you think of the attached, simplified patch ?  If it fixes
the compile time warning then I would be happy to check it in.


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