Weak symbol support on powerpc-ibm-aix5.2.0.0 (binutils 2.15)

Michael Klein michael.klein@fazi.de
Thu Jul 29 13:56:00 GMT 2004

Hi Nick!

> > $ ld -r gas.o
> > ld: 0711-562 SEVERE ERROR: Symbol table entry 6 in object gas.o:
> >         An auxiliary symbol table entry is required for a
> >         C_EXT or C_HIDEXT entry.
> Bummer - this is a bit beyond me.  Do you have any experience in this area ?

Not enough, I suppose.  I might have a look at it eventually, but no

Also the priority isn't that high, since I already have a working GCC
3.4.1 here, it's just that the AIX assembler is so ridiculously slow.
Some ~3000 LOC C++-code takes (when compiled with -O3 and a sufficiently
high -finline-limit) more than 15 minutes to assemble, which is more
than 30 times longer than GNU as.

Thanks anyway!


#exclude <windows.h>

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