finding register to variable mapping at a specific address
Tue Jul 27 15:49:00 GMT 2004


I would like to know whether it is possible to find the mapping between the
variables and registers at a specific address. As an example please see
following 'objdump' output:

        do_hex_event = FALSE;
  54d394:       3a 40 00 00     li      r18,0
        if (p_link != NULL && p_link->num_traces > 0)
  54d398:       2c 1f 00 00     cmpwi   r31,0
  54d39c:       41 82 00 14     beq-    54d3b0 <ppp_tracepkt+0x4c>
  54d3a0:       81 9f 05 74     lwz     r12,1396(r31)
  54d3a4:       2c 0c 00 00     cmpwi   r12,0
  54d3a8:       40 81 00 08     ble-    54d3b0 <ppp_tracepkt+0x4c>

I would like to know for which variables registers r12 and r31 stands for at the address 54d3a4.

Is this possible at all with binutils? If yes, please let me know how.


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