binutils 2.14

Kostick, Paul
Fri Jul 23 15:38:00 GMT 2004


I am installing binutils.  I would like to install it to an alternate
location. /foo/bar instead of the default location. 

I am doing this so that my build servers can share  a tool/library

What rpm --command do I need to relocate or do I need to edit the SPEC

I am trying to rebuild the package binutils.

If I need to edit the spec file, what do I need to change in the spec

When I install from the tar I can redirect using the ./configure
--prefix=/foo/bar and it works when I do a make all install.

I want to duplicate this with a rpm package.

Thank you,

Paul Kostick
Network Appliance
301 Alpha dr.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15238
(412)968-7746 EXT:7152 

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