PATCH: Remove bfd_comdat_info and move section_already_linked

Nick Clifton
Tue Jul 20 17:15:00 GMT 2004

Hi H.J.

> > I like it, except that it seems to me that you could leave
> > section_already_linked where it is, and just provide a bfd xvec
> > predicate.  That would save some code duplication, which helps
> > in maintaining the linker.
> > 
> The problem is that piece of code can be very much format specific. I
> have a follow-on patch to fix
> My patch needs to access ELF backend. To do it in the linker, I will
> need to add another field to bfd xvec and we have to do more checking
> on input to see if it is ELF. I think the code duplication is very
> minimum here.

Well you still have the ...section_already_linked() code duplicated
three times.  That could be reduced.  Plus there is a problem in that
some of the COFF based ports do not currently include cofflink.lo when
building libbfd.a, so that there is an unresolved reference to

How about this variation on your patch which adds in the necessary
fixes to bfd/ and also creates a generic
section_already_linked() function which takes file format specific
helper functions as arguments ?


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