handle common syms in refs_local_p (was: Re: mn10300 dynamic relocation clean up: remove dynamic PCREL32)

Alexandre Oliva aoliva@redhat.com
Sat Jul 17 05:12:00 GMT 2004

On Jul  8, 2004, Alexandre Oliva <aoliva@redhat.com> wrote:

> Ok to install this?

> Index: bfd/ChangeLog
> from  Alexandre Oliva  <aoliva@redhat.com>

> 	* elf-bfd.h (ELF_COMMON_DEF_P): New.
> 	* elflink.c (_bfd_elf_symbol_refs_local_p): Use it to handle
> 	common definitions.
> 	* elf-m10300.c: Use SYMBOL_REFERENCES_LOCAL instead of
> 	_bfd_elf_symbol_refs_local_p.
> 	* elf32-frv.c (FRVFDPIC_SYM_LOCAL): Remove hack for common
> 	symbols.



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