Problems with building ia64 big endian code on FreeBSD

Dietmar Hahn
Thu Jul 15 06:26:00 GMT 2004

Am Freitag, 9. Juli 2004 23:02 schrieb Jim Wilson:

> FreeBSD is little endian.  We tried to include bi-endian support when
> developing the toolchain, but so far there are no known bi-endian
> systems, and as a result, the bi-endian support has never been tested.
> There are likely a lot of minor bugs in it.

I thought of this.

> As far as I know, freebsd can't run big-endian code, so I am not sure
> why you would want to generate that.

I do some evaluation stuff for a proof o concept:-)).

> Yes.  The problem here is that the only thing the -mbe option does is
> set the ELF header flag that marks this as a big-endian object file.
> That isn't good enough.  I have attached a patch to fix this.

I checked in your patch to the assembler into the binutils-2.15 and now the
object code looks very well for me:-))

Many thanks for the fast and running fix.


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