[patch] MIPS: Incorrect calculation for R_MIPS_LO16 relocs

Richard Sandiford rsandifo@redhat.com
Wed Jul 14 13:44:00 GMT 2004

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <macro@linux-mips.org> writes:
>  I feel some of the bugs could have been and still can be avoided by doing 
> actual fixes instead of trying to do workarounds for special cases.  But 
> that's just my opinion -- feel free to disagree.

Where we disagree is that this (the placement of LO16s) is a bug in the
first place.  Like I say, you only get the "out of place" (in your opinion)
LO16s with REL relocations generated from explicit reloc expressions.
That's already extension territory.

We obviously aren't going to reach agreement on this, so there's
probably little point me saying any more.


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