built in the source directory?

Andrew Cagney
Tue Jul 13 12:49:00 GMT 2004

> DJ Delorie <> writes:
>>> IIRC GNU standards require the info files to be part of the source
>>> distribution, so we have to build them in srcdir.  However, this
>>> does cause the usual read-only-srcdir problems.  Normally, the info
>>> files in cvs should be sufficiently up-to-date such that rebuilding
>>> is not normally required.
> They don't need to be built into the srcdir in order for them to be
> included in the source distribution.  The source tree and the
> distribution are distinct.
> The info files aren't in CVS at all.  We rely on maintainers to have
> the tools.  I have no problem with that, but they shouldn't go into
> the source tree.
>>> This has been discussed in other projects, with no really good
>>> solution.
> Yes, it's all downhill from here :-)

GDB's release process involves a configure/make-info/make-clean in the 
src directory.  This results in the files being included in the distro.

BTW, pot files have a similar problem.


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