PATCH pecoff mingw32 dlltool: Add option to create external aliases of DLL imports.

Nick Clifton
Mon Jul 12 17:07:00 GMT 2004

Hi Aaron,

> 2004-07-09  Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
> 	* binutils/doc/binutils.texi
> 	(--ext-prefix-alias): Document.
> 	* binutils/dlltool.c (ext_prefix_alias): New global variable.
> 	(make_one_lib_file): Add aliases with prefixes for external
> 	and import definitions.
> 	(usage): Document -p option.
> 	(long_options): Add --ext-prefix-alias option.
> 	(main): Handle -p.

Approved and applied.  Note - there is a ChangeLog in the binutils/ 
directory so I have moved the above entry there.

I fixed one bug and made two additions.  The bug was that you had not 
added "p:" to the string passed to getopt_long() in dlltools.c:main() 
which meant that the -p switch was not recognised.  (The 
--ext-prefix-alias version was recognised).

The first addition was to add a few more lines to 
binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/dlltool.exp which check that the new 
switch is not rejected.  Note - this is not a proper test of the 
switch's functionality.  I hope that you might consider submitting a 
patch to do that yourself.

The other addition was a line to binutils/NEWS mentioning the new 
feature of dlltool.


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