FromMr David Ghazi Eldin

Sun Jul 11 17:41:00 GMT 2004


With great sense of regret for my involvement in the long lasting civil war in my country, which is still claiming many innocent lives daily both Sudanese and foreigners, I do write you to introduce myself and also to inform you about my purpose of writing to you.

I am Mr David Ghazi Eldin from Sudan. I was a direct subordinate and confidant of the rebel chief John Garang. I was responsible for the procurement and distribution of ammunition to our fighters.

If you are conversant with Sudan News, you would have read a news article by DPA posted on November 14, 2003 which read: Fresh violence in western Sudan leaves 21 dead. Western Sudan has in recent months been the scene of severe unrest, which diplomats have described as ethnic cleansing. This recent atrocity was perpetrated by a militia group affiliated with the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) with governmental support. Recently, the government of Sudan prohibited USA envoy and USAID officials from travelling to Dafur in western Sudan which is a region of extreme unrest, to monitor on- going aid programmes. All efforts to bring peace to Sudan has been thwarted by government agents and political leaders. The activities of the secretary general of the popular congress party, an islamist opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi who was recently released from jail is also not helping matters.

Because I have decided to disengage myself from this hostilities, I deflected to Holland when I was sent to Europe to purchase weapons. I am now seeking asylum in Holland. Right now, the money meant for the purchase of these weapons is on hold awaiting my directive. The amount involve is Six Million, Eight Hundred Thousand United States dollars only(US$6.8M).

My good friend, this is what I actually want you to do for me if you have the capability and desire. Could you please assist me to claim this money (US$6.8M) that is on hold now. As an asylum seeker, I am not qualified to own an account even to such big amount. As a defector, the implication of my action is that I will not return to my country in the near future for fear of being killed. If you are willing to sincerely assist me, I will compensate you with the sum of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$1.5M) from the total money. I will also want you to be a TRUSTY to my own share of this money until I get my freedom. It is then that I will think about the coming over of my family to Europe based on your assistance too.

Hoping that you take your time to read this letter so as to understand and appreciate my situation in order to help me. Please send your reply to:   Could you please include your Telephone and Fax numbers when replying to this e-mail.

Yours sincerely,

Mr David Ghazi Eldin

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