Memory leak in 2.12.1

Jeff Baker
Fri Jul 9 14:43:00 GMT 2004

This is a somewhat obscure condition but I haven't been able to locate a 
patch that addresses this, even though it is fixed in the latest versions.

We build one set of binutils (minus ld and gas, which do not show this 
problem) that target x86, but also have powerpc, mips, arm and sh 
enabled.  If you attempt to use any of the secondary targetting (arm, 
sh, ppc, mips) utils on a static library it will very quickly exhaust 
your system memory.  It doesn't matter in which order you specify the 
targets.  If you configure with '--target=powerpc-nto-qnx 
--enable-targets="mips-nto-qnx sh-nto-qnx i386-nto-qnx arm-nto-qnx"', 
then powerpc is fine and the rest show this behaviour.

I was hoping that maybe someone would have an idea where I could look 
for a fix to this.

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